My BIG Year LIVE! 

Join me on December 20th for a night of celebration and clarity!

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My BIG year live! Workshop

December 20th, 2017
6:30pm to 9:00pm
The Green Room (3701 N. Ravenswood Location)

$12.00 for non-members, FREE for current members

Did you achieve some goals in 2017, and not let yourself celebrate them because:

  • They weren’t big enough?
  • You didn’t want to seem braggy?
  • You were onto the next goal?
“You cannot build on success you don’t acknowledge.”
~Dallas Travers   

So stop ignoring your wins!

Do you not set goals for the year because:

  • You won’t achieve them anyway?
  • You know what you want, why write it down?
  • You don’t want anyone to know in case it doesn’t happen?
If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”
~Jim Rohn

    "I did My BIG Year and loved it. I had an incredible year thanks to Courtney and the program. I worked at TimeLine, Writers, Silk Road Rising and did my first solo show there. 

    I also had a guest star role on Chicago PD and I'm now closing The Hundred Dresses at Chicago Children's theatre..."

    - Christine Bunuan


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    "I just about doubled my income in 2016, and most of it came from my skills as an actor/artist/teacher/facilitator. 

    This is a result of this My Big Year Program! I'm feeling grateful for Courtney."

    - Leah Raidt


    "For me, working with Courtney was better than going to a therapist. She actually gave tools that I use everyday. She has helped me look at things from a more positive perspective and has helped me to increase my baseline of happiness. Also, she's funny and goofy and made me laugh on a consistent basis. She's great!"

    - David Cady Jr.