Steve Bayorgeon

steve bayorgeon headshot

“It is no surprise that Courtney is helping people reach their goals. The day after our first meeting I got a call from my agent for a TV show audition that I wrote down as one of my goals.  Coincidence?  Who cares!  It shows that what I am learning is already working.

Actually, a few of the things Courtney recommends are things I used to do in the past when I did book more jobs.  Just needed her to kick my rear end a bit and remind me that these things work.  Also, knowing I have a deadline to get things done before the next coaching call makes me get the things done I said I would do. 

By the way, I’m 30lbs lighter now thanks to Courtney’s help!

Roger Staubach had Tom Landry.  Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson.  You can have Courtney.”