Leena Kurishingal

“I’m amazed. Courtney gave me the tools to set up the life I want and get through the pitfalls we all come across, stronger than ever. There is almost shock at how I see myself react in situations now, compared to what my reaction was before.

And yes, Courtney does practice tough love. No whining allowed, only action – which has proven to be the best tool she could’ve given me. With it, I’ve realized that I can not only trust there will be a better day ahead, I can start working on it now. It’s empowering. Honestly, when we first talked, I didn’t know if I wanted to spend the money on coaching.

I’m so glad I took a leap of faith and committed. My career, personal life and general state of being are so much lighter and full of gratitude. Dare I say, I think I’m happy, Courtney Rioux ;)”