Christine Bunuan

"I did My BIG Year 2016 and loved it. I had an incredible year thanks to Courtney and the program. I worked at TimeLine, Writers, Silk Road Rising and did my first solo show there. I also had a guest star role on Chicago PD and I'm now closing The Hundred Dresses at Chicago Children's theatre. I am so grateful the program helped me focus on one self development idea a month a time. Thanks Courtney for your service to artists everywhere!

As artists, we are constantly working on our craft. Acting classes here, voice lessons there, dance, on-camera, the list goes on. But how helpful are all those things when your spirit is feeling even just a little uninspired, sad, or rejected? I highly recommend taking a moment to take care of YOU. When you stop to take care of you, for even just a second, you are able to give so much more to your craft, your relationships, the community, to the Universe."