My BIG Year!

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My BIG Year!

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Forget resolutions that don't stick! Try laser clarity, 365-accountability, and focusing on what makes you happy all year long!

A yearlong online mentoring program for actors who want more out of life! Studies have shown that success follows happiness- not the other way around. Join like-minded people on monthly coaching calls, a Facebook community that are committed to happiness, fulfillment and crossing BIG GOALS off their list!

Don't let agents, CD's and bookings dictate your level of happiness. Befriend positive, empowered actors to support you on your journey.

Join others who have taken the program:

Double their income

Book More Acting Work

Find Happiness and Fulfillment

Start a one-person show

Get an agent

Change Jobs

Buy a house

Lose 30 lbs

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life! 


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The actors in My BIG Year let me know their favorite parts or why they'd recommend it to a friend:

  • One-on-one coaching and accountability 

  • FB group weekly questions. The website with worksheets and audio. Bonus calls. 

  • Interacting with the other participants on phone calls or in person

  • I like the phone calls and personal contact (but like the videos too!)

  • Strong community, lots of tools & resources

  • I find the videos and worksheets to be very helpful and inspiring.

  • I like that there is work tied to the videos and you're not just taking in information.

  • The book list is fantastic. So much of my lifestyle has changed thanks to the bookshelf. 

  • The Closet clean out was the best part, I like the videos and worksheets. Activities at home.

  • It has helped me get moving again. I think about how I spend my time.

  • I recommend it because I get annoyed hearing actor friends complaining or being negative. 

  • I'd recommend it because I've learned a lot and it's great to be surrounded by like minded people. 

  • I appreciate all the principles of course and I like that it's for a year, as it keeps you going.

  • Empowering community & incredibly useful resources

  • It's instills constant motivation to know you're taking a full year to work on your creative self and all for the price of what an on camera class would be.

  • I have people to share my success, failures, goals and gratitude's with.

  • It's invaluable resources and tools. 

  • I got a lot of it. It's not therapy. It is forcing yourself to more forward because someone else is egging you on.