Karisa Bruin

"If you're not moving forward and you can't figure out why, try this on for size: Coaching with Courtney Rioux.

Within two months of my first session with her, I was able to clear away places where I was getting in my own way and I booked a great commercial gig that was not only fruitful, but also a joy to work on"

Ilyssa Fradin

“Courtney has a gift! Not only is she extremely easy to talk to, she makes you feel like what you are saying matters. She is not judgmental, and whether in a coaching one on one or in a group, her energy and curiosity is infectious. Anytime I meet with Courtney I walk away more empowered and focused in my day and my direction.

Bud Kerwin

"Courtney’s coaching has improved my life by 1000%!! I was really struggling to find balance in my life, and meeting with Courtney helped me find clarity in both my career and personal relationships. I was in a rut and super stressed, and now feel really dialed in to not only what I want, but also how to achieve my goals.

Katie Smith

"Courtney's practical tools, positivity, and unique exercises helped me launch a project that had been in my head for two years. 

Unlike other coaches I've worked with, Courtney doesn't encourage you to DO more. Courtney helps you find what's been stopping you. Her philosophy is that life should be easy and fun, and that's how her sessions are.

Kim DeJesus

“Courtney is the best!  You will fall in love with Courtney’s contagious personality! She is so easy to talk to and is very invested in the progress of her clients. She helped me clear my mind of unnecessary thoughts and distractions so I could concentrate on what matters most.  She helped me set some big career goals and set deadlines for myself.  I was able to go out to LA with the confidence and clarity I needed to crush my interviews and book some television work. Thank you for everything Courtney!”

Paula Ramirez

“Courtney’s coaching is a gift and one I am so grateful she has decided to share with the world. She holds such positivity, wisdom and clarity. Courtney asked me one simple question: “What do you hope to achieve by the end of these coaching sessions?”. I surprised myself by answering with, “I want to feel empowered.” I encountered a lot of unexpected changes and circumstances during our time coaching, but throughout it all I couldn’t deny that I was getting closer to myself again, to a source of power I had allowed myself to be disconnected from for quite a long time. That there was peace at the bottom of it all. During our last session together she reminded me of my wish in our first session. If I could sum up what I got out of our work together it would be regaining my sense of power—so yes, I’d say I’m a big believer in Courtney’s coaching ;)”

Leena Kurishingal

“I’m amazed. Courtney gave me the tools to set up the life I want and get through the pitfalls we all come across, stronger than ever. There is almost shock at how I see myself react in situations now, compared to what my reaction was before.

And yes, Courtney does practice tough love. No whining allowed, only action – which has proven to be the best tool she could’ve given me. With it, I’ve realized that I can not only trust there will be a better day ahead, I can start working on it now. It’s empowering. Honestly, when we first talked, I didn’t know if I wanted to spend the money on coaching.

I’m so glad I took a leap of faith and committed. My career, personal life and general state of being are so much lighter and full of gratitude. Dare I say, I think I’m happy, Courtney Rioux ;)”