Darci Nalepa

Darci Nalepa

Courtney is the real deal. She hands over tools and exercises with a conviction, compassion, and energy that is all her own. It's infectious. She gives guided and individualized attention and has helped me see that my goals and desires for my life are within my reach through her coaching and program My Big Year. Working with Courtney is not only fun, it's also freeing.

Georgia Buckner

Georgia Buckner

Courtney helped me a lot this year; the one-on-one coaching was so worth it. She gave me tools and inspiration for the harder times and more tools and resources with cheerleading when I was on a roll. Courtney's support and guidance helped me achieve most of my major goals last year, including getting a new (and improved) agent and starting to audition for major TV shows. Anytime you need some direction, she's a great person to work with. Can you tell I'm a fan????

Karisa Bruin

"If you're not moving forward and you can't figure out why, try this on for size: Coaching with Courtney Rioux.

Within two months of my first session with her, I was able to clear away places where I was getting in my own way and I booked a great commercial gig that was not only fruitful, but also a joy to work on"

Ilyssa Fradin

“Courtney has a gift! Not only is she extremely easy to talk to, she makes you feel like what you are saying matters. She is not judgmental, and whether in a coaching one on one or in a group, her energy and curiosity is infectious. Anytime I meet with Courtney I walk away more empowered and focused in my day and my direction.

Bud Kerwin

"Courtney’s coaching has improved my life by 1000%!! I was really struggling to find balance in my life, and meeting with Courtney helped me find clarity in both my career and personal relationships. I was in a rut and super stressed, and now feel really dialed in to not only what I want, but also how to achieve my goals.

Katie Smith

"Courtney's practical tools, positivity, and unique exercises helped me launch a project that had been in my head for two years. 

Unlike other coaches I've worked with, Courtney doesn't encourage you to DO more. Courtney helps you find what's been stopping you. Her philosophy is that life should be easy and fun, and that's how her sessions are.